General Questions

We restrict access to some areas of the website for the benefit of our registered members. This gives us the ability to provide value to our talent and benefits to our industry professionals. The main areas that are restricted will be our resource section (besides the F.A.Q) and the personal profiles of the talent (restricted to industry professionals).
Our Event Calendar is a great tool for our members. We update this calendar frequently. We add workshops, classes, networking events and other important events we feel will benefit our talent and industry partners. We encourage our industry partners to notify us of upcoming events so we can add them to our calendar.
We are excited for your interest in the field of acting and entertainment. We are happy to take your application and we do so online. Please do not send us any information or packages directly. Most likely it will not get looked at. You may send us your application online under the Submission tab on the menu bar. Follow the instructions and fill out all required information. We review applications on a weekly basis and will notify you one way or the other if VandC Talent is interested in representing you.

Talent Account F.A.Q

You want to add as much detail as possible and fill out all the fields available to you. The more details you provide, the more agents, casting directors, photographers, and other industry professionals will be able to learn about you up front. Sometimes, it is a specific detail they are looking for and if they don't know that piece of information about you, it may cause you to get overlooked.
No, not all of your information that you share is going to be made public. Information such as your address and phone numbers are for internal use only. This is useful to VandC Talent, LLC in case we need to send you material or contact you for whatever reason.
Being a Talent, your profile is what helps you stand apart from others. In this highly competitive industry, every little bit helps more than you may realize. We have created a website and a platform that will help our talent have the best opportunity as possible. But, it is up to you to take advantage of the tools provided.
You may not. It is not necessary for you to get a paid account. However, if you choose to get a paid account, you have access to more features and options when it comes to your profile. The reason we charge for the upgraded services is because VandC Talent does pay for hosting. This includes storage space and Bandwidth. Because of the amount of media we allow you to upload to your personal account, this takes up storage. The upgraded account price helps us to offset the cost of maintaining the website for your benefit.

Industry Professional Account F.A.Q

It is beneficial for you as an industry professional to have an account because you will have access to Talent profiles and a shortlist feature.
Our Shortlist Feature allows you the ability to narrow your search of Talent into one simple list. As you scroll through our talent, you can add them to the list and continue your search. Once you have the interested talent, you can go to the short list and either print the list, email the list or download the list to your computer. This functionality we feel will help you in interacting with our company and our talent.
Yes. We encourage notifications and updates about events you do. We will add your event to our "event" calendar. Provide us the date, location, and any details you feel are necessary and enough time to get the word out. The more our Talent understand what you and other casting directors look for, the better off they will be.

Profile Setup F.A.Q

Videos are added using and embed code. If you are looking to add a demo reel to your profile, be sure to upload it to your YouTube Channel or Vimeo Channel. Once it is uploaded you will have the ability to get an embed code. Simply copy and paste this code in the video section of your profile and that is it. IF you do not have a place to upload your video, you can send it to VandC Talent and we will upload it to our YouTube Channel. All videos uploaded for use on your profile will be set as unlisted.
Actor - As an actor, you want to be sure you have quality headshots. Two headshots are considered standard in the industry; Theatrical and Commercial. If you have a free account, you will want to have these two headshots at a minimum. You will still have the ability to upload 3 other images of your choosing (subject to the approval of VandC Talent.) Model - As a Model, you have certain standards within the industry. These shots include (Full-Body, Half-Body, Profile, and Shoulder).
We do have a section for you to upload your resume. However, the Biography section is limited to our Paid account holders. This section is beneficial in three main ways... (1) it gives you the ability to add a short description about yourself. This allows you to give a unique insight to who you are and what you want people to know about you. (2) Experience - Although you list your experiences in a resume form and can upload your resume, this section allows you to highlight major experiences that you want a potential professional to know before getting to your resume. This could be anything that would help you stand out at first glance. (3) Skills - The same applies here as it does with experience. Although you have the ability to add your skills to the resume, this allows you to add as many skills as you would like to add. This provides a unique snapshot to the professional taking a look at you.
The link section should be used for any important profile links outside the website. This would include such profiles like LinkedIn, IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, 1800 Casting, etc. The benefits to creating links to outside sources will help you greatly. This allows whoever is looking at your profile to learn more about your personality, your characteristics, and your social environment.
If you have a Paid Account, you have the option and ability to add up to 10 images to this section. The On-Set section of your profile is designed to allow you the ability to upload behind-the-scene images if you want to. Sometimes the best shots are those that are random or unexpected and fun while you are on the job.
If you have a Paid Account, you have the option and ability to add up to 10 images to this section. The Lifestyle section of the profile is designed mostly for models who specialize in this particular field of the industry. If you are a Lifestyle model and want to showcase some of your jobs, this is where you want to post those images.
Simply put, your profile is a reflection on VandC Talent, LLC. Therefore we want to ensure that everything on your profile is presented in a professional manner. This includes your photos, biography, links and videos. As long as you treat your profile as a professional platform there should not be any issues. If we find an issue, we will notify you of the issue and publish your profile after we correct the issue.