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Interested in Representation? Submit Here

  • Please only submit NATURAL photographs, no professional studio photos are required, as we wish to see you in your most natural state.
  • Digitally enhanced photographs are NOT to be submitted.
  • All photographs are to be sent in colour.
  • Please do not wear make-up, as we must see your true skin complexion.
  • Hair must be naturally styled, with no visible hair products and it must not obstruct your face
  • The head-shot must be taken front-on and should fully show your face.
  • mid-length and full-length shots should be taken whilst fully clothed, please refrain from wearing excessively loose clothing in these pictures.
  • In the additional information box, please provide a link to any relevant material such as Demo Reels, IMDb sites, personal websites, etc.

Submission Process: 

  • We review submissions once a week. If we are interested in representing you, expect to be notified within two weeks. 
  • You should have an up-to-date demo reel
  • You should have a Theatrical and Commercial Headshot (Actors)
  • You should have a Full-Body, Half-Body, Profile, and Shoulder photo (Models). 
  • You will need to have a current Resume